Overall I found this principle challenging, due to me feeling like I was just trying to copy what was happening on the projection rather than making new movements that complimented the virtual body. I found that using my arms to initiate movement worked well and it was easy to create interesting things on the live body. However, when it came to using other limbs like my legs I found it difficult because my legs are more rigid than my arms and a lot of my movement is fluid on the virtual body. The speed of the video made it easier to interact with the virtual body as it gave me time to think what was coming next and be able to get into the next position before it moved. I feel that I didn’t have clear interactivity when working with this principle because I didn’t want to manipulate or copy the virtual body but that is what I found myself doing most of the time. I think I made it more complicated for myself when I was improvising in the first sessions because I did a lot of my habitual movements, if I had thought ahead I would have tried to challenge my improvisation.