3rd Principle – Interactive Build

Personally I found this the easiest of the principles explored so far, this is because there were no set rules apart from to build the level of interaction between the virtual body and the live body. I found that creating the build meant that I explored how to use individual parts of my body such as my hand, to create something that interacted, manipulated what was happening on the virtual body. In one way I found the quicker video easier to interact with because the movements on the virtual body were fast which meant that there was a wider range of movements for me to work with. However the speed was hard to keep up with when performing, so for the performance I preferred working with the slow video, this meant that I had more time to think about what I was doing and I wasn’t doing movements that didn’t build or work with the virtual body. If we were told to improvise for a ‘performance’ perspective then I would prefer to work with the faster video. I feel that this time I explored different movements and came up with some interesting things.

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