I found this principle easy when I used my own understanding of creating a relationship with my virtual body, however when I was told to create the relationship in a different way I became stuck with ideas. I couldn’t keep up with the directions in which my virtual body was looking. At some points I felt like I had a clear connections with my virtual body, I found that this happened naturally (so when I wasn’t trying to create something that looked interesting for the viewer). My favourite part was working with the two virtual bodies and one live, I felt that the video allowed me to pick who I wanted to interact or create a relationship with based on which movements I found most interesting at the time. There were a wide variety of movements I could develop or copy to make my performance look interesting. The only thing that was difficult was where I could place my live body so that I didn’t cover any of the virtual bodies up. I felt that I got stuck in the middle of the screen a lot.